A friendly, caring school with an exciting future
Marlborough Road AcademyPupils at Marlborough Road AcademyPupils at Marlborough Road AcademyPupils using outside area at Marlborough Road AcademyPupils using outside area at Marlborough Road AcademyPupil using outside area at Marlborough Road Academy

Welcome to Marlborough Road Academy

At Marlborough Road, our motto is stay safe, choose kind and work hard.

Here’s what some of our parents and pupils say about us:

"I would never have sent my children to any other primary school than Marlborough Road Academy because there is something  about the school's spirit which makes it a unique place" (Parent, Y3 and Y5 2018)

“It's a local school. I attended here when I was younger and I loved it. I've heard great things about it”  (Reception application)  

"I like the school’s ethos of teaching" (Parent, Nursery)

"The teachers at Marlborough Road break down new learning into easy steps. Then when you understand the small pieces the teachers help you put them all together" (Y5 pupil)

"School is a haven. There is nothing more my teachers could do to listen to me more, than they already do" (Y5 pupil)

"Sorry Marlborough Road, if I had the choice I would stay with you forever, but you know what they say, rules are rules, as you taught us together" (Y7 Abraham Moss) 

Explore our marvellous school via the website or come in and pay us a visit.

A Brief History of Marlborough Road School

The original building stood where the infant playground now is and was opened on 4th October 1880. It was the first Board School in Salford. The master in charge was Mr J Rowlands. By 1885 there were 225 pupils on roll.

The present junior building was opened in 1896. Girls were taught upstairs and the infants were taught downstairs. The boys were taught in an annex on Garnett Street, where the modern day end of the link corridor on the infant side is. By 1904 there
were 600 pupils.

In 1929 Marlborough Road became two separate schools - Marlborough Road Infant school and Marlborough Road Junior School. The Head teacher of the junior school was called Mr Murray. He introduced school dinners for the first time.

At the start of WW2, 150 children and some teachers were evacuated to Fleetwood. During this time, the Garnett Street building was closed down and the boys and girls shared the current junior building.

After the war, there was a problem with overcrowding and the Garnett Street building was used once more to house three infant and three junior classes. The current infant building was built in 1973 and the building that now houses the school reception area and offices, previously the Community Wing, was added in the 1980s. The two schools amalgamated to form one Primary School in 1994. The sports hall was constructed in the early 2000s.

In 2014 the two buildings were linked by an undercover walkway as part of major refurbishment of the infant building.

Marlborough Road has seen many changes over more than 100 years. It has served the local community through industrialisation, two world wars, the depression and more recent times. Over the years it has become a global multi cultural school. These influences will continue as the school develops and changes in the future, under the leadership of the current Principal, Miss Richens. We now have almost 400 pupils on roll.

Marlborough Road Academy