A friendly, caring school with an exciting future
Pupils at Marlborough Road Academy


Marlborough Road pupils are amazing!

This is what they think of their school:

“I like school because you learn all different skills. Teachers really help you break things down into manageable pieces. It’s like baby steps, when you first learn to walk”

“I will miss this place very much. I have been in lots of schools but this school is different. It’s a special memory that I will remember forever”

“My favourite subject is literacy because I can learn how to spell things or write things”

“My favourite subject is Maths because I have already chosen my future job which is to be an automotive engineer and build or fix cars”

“Our School Council has meetings at lunchtimes and we talk about health eating and how to improve our school”

Pupil Voice

Each year we ask our pupils to tell us what they think about Marlborough Road Academy. We very much value the opinions of our pupils and use the feedback to help us improve pupils’ experience of being at school. In our last survey 50% of pupils were unhappy about behaviour. As a result we have reviewed our behaviour policy and practices and introduced a new approach to behaviour management, focussed around the development of a culture of positivity, where children are actively taught the behaviours that we want to see and rewarded for the things they do right.

 The survey results can be found in the downloads section on the left of this page. 

Things we like about our school

  • Learning
  • Girls football
  • Playing with friends
  • Groups and trips
  • Healthy food
  • The teachers and how they explain things and care for us
  • Learning about how to be safe wherever we go
  • Playgrounds
  • Mindfulness work
  • Golden time
  • Clubs
  • Tournaments
  • Diversity
  • PE
  • Drama
  • School values
  • Lunchtime activities
  • Reading

Pupil Jobs

At Marlborough Road Academy pupils carry out a range of jobs very responsibly. These jobs include:

  • School council - to collect pupils' views on the school environment
  • Pupil Leaders - to collect pupils' views on teaching and learning
  • Play Leaders - to act as role models for behaviour
  • Gardeners, Dental Hygienists, Eco-Warriors, Librarians - to act as role models for attitude and commitment