A friendly, caring school with an exciting future
Pupils at Marlborough Road Academy

School Information

Marlborough Road Academy – is a friendly, caring school at the heart of the community.

What makes us unique is the wonderfully rich mixture of cultures, faiths and experience that each child, family and adult contributes.

All members of the school community unite behind our school values and our three basic rules: Be safe, choose kind and work hard.

These three principles reflect the mission of both the school and the United Learning Trust in providing the highest quality education pathway for our pupils, from Nursery through to University / training.

Parents, staff and pupils have high standards and expectations and work together to help everyone achieve their best. Through the United Learning Trust, we are able to provide our children and parents with training and opportunities to explore the wider world.

We are all very proud of our school and its unique cultural and ethnic mix and the Academy and the Trust work together to realise individual ambition.

Judith Richens
Principal, Marlborough Road Academy

Marlborough Road Ethos and School Values

At Marlborough Road Academy we are dedicated to providing the highest possible standard of education for your child.  We are keen to work together with families, the community and a range of other agencies to make sure that all of our pupils are safe, happy and successful.  We want all of our pupils to grow and develop into the best version of themselves that they can be and to be able to make the most of opportunities that come their way.

Our school values underpin everything that we do.  At Marlborough Road Academy we believe that our values provide the essential building blocks for well rounded citizens.  Our values are:

  • Knowing yourself
  • Making good choices
  • Aspiration
  • Trying your best
  • Friendship
  • Caring
  • Thankfulness

In addition, we aim to:

  • Nurture and foster positive relationships
  • Welcome and support parents, families and visitors from the community
  • Promote achievement and enjoyment of all members of our school
  • Provide equal opportunities and access for all
  • Offer a creative, broad and skills rich curriculum
  • Develop independent citizens with roles and responsibilities

At our Academy, our motto is stay safe, choose kind and work hard.